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    Local. Personal. Upfront.

    [Everything you’ve ever wanted in a tech store.]

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    We’re binary bi-lingual.  

    [Comprehensive service & support for PC & Mac.]

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    Get savvy.

    [Ongoing low-fee and no-fee tech classes from beginner to advanced.]

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    Technology is our trade; people are our purpose.

    [We built a business to last by putting community first.]

Our Mission

In this modern life we often find a space between people and technology, a gap between two entities struggling to fully connect. Spacebar is the place that bridges this space. We exist to connect…to connect you to technology and to connect technology to our community. As the world continues to accelerate at the ever-increasing speed of hi-tech, Spacebar invites you to sit down and stay awhile.



We kick it old school when fixing your modern tech stuff. Spacebar service doesn’t just come with a smile; it comes with a healthy helping of classic courtesy. Advanced service iced with a layer of traditional trust and transparency earns us a “tell your friends” reputation.

  • Device Maintenance and Repair

    Computer bogged down by endless data? Moving slower in its old age? Spacebar lights new fires under tired, worn, and broken-down technology. When it comes to saving your digitized pride and joy, we’ll do our best device maintenance and repair.


    You’ve got a business to run. Leave the Commercial I.T. support to us! We can provide both on-site and remote assistance for your company’s computing and networking needs.

  • Networking, Spyware and Data Recovery

    Whether you’re posting new puppy pics or cataloging age-old nuclear secrets, it’s best to keep your computer undercover. We can weave a connective web network solutions, cloak data in security and even retrieve adrift files.

  • Identity Theft

    Whether you’ve been hacked or you want to set up the proper measures to protect your identity, we’re here to help with identity theft. We’ll walk you through the steps to take to keep your security in tact.

  • Sales Consultation

    Technology shopping is a sea of endless opportunity. Let’s navigate online stores together and find the right deal for you. Technology sales consultation at Spacebar features a year of local support of your new product for good measure.

  • Personal I.T.

    Just want someone who can set it up/keep it up/make it make sense/make it work? We do that! Having Spacebar in town is like having your own personal I.T. department a phone call away. We even make house calls!



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    Sign up now!

    Your first class is free!

    We are currently scheduling Monday classes from 11am-4pm. Please call or email us to set up a time and topic that work for you.

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    Independent Training

    Not really the social type?

    Spacebar is happy to provide one-on-one technology lessons targeted to suit your individual needs and at your convenience.

  • spacebar_free_classes

    Community Classes

    Maybe you are the social type?

    We think of computer education as a community gathering and we want you to take full advantage. Join us for our next group class.

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    Low-Fee Classes

    Knowledge can come at a price...

    But at Spacebar you can count on the price to be small. We want you to understand tech and we’ll hold your hand until you get there.

Connecting People & Technology


Spacebar is like your local, community-focused coffee shop, but we drink up the latest in technology instead of a latte (if you really want coffee, we can serve that up too). From computer recycling and upcycling to free education to fueling Downtown Sylvania’s wireless revolution, the reason we open our doors every day is to open up new technology channels for our community.


The wide-ranging, customized nature of our services means that technology pricing varies depending on your needs. We offer an extensive technology menu but are always happy to tailor it even further – call us today for a free consultation (419-517-1313).

  • Home Support
  • Comprehensive Mac & PC Services
  • Home & Office IT Support
  • System Setup
  • Network Setup
  • Commercial IT Support
  • Identity Theft

  • Entertainment & Gaming Design & Setup
  • Computer Security
  • Spyware, Malware & Virus Removal
  • Data Recovery
  • Hardware & Software Services (Installation, Upgrade, etc.)

  • Device Maintenance & Tune-Up
  • Free Diagnosis for PC & Mac
  • Laptop & Desktop Repair (Hard Drive, Power Supply, Memory, Motherboard, etc.)
  • Screen Replacement (computer)
  • Virtual Shopping Consultation

  • Free local service for online tech purchases made through Spacebar
  • New Device/System Training
  • Community Computer Classes
  • Low-Fee Technology Classes
  • Independent Technology Training

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Be in Touch.

Ready for some good ol’ fashioned hi-tech service?
It’s your move.

(419) 517-1313

5687 Main Street.
Sylvania, Ohio 43560



Hours of Operation

Monday: Classes by appt. only

Tuesday – Friday: 10am – 6pm

Sat: 10am – 5pm

Sunday: CLOSED